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How responsibly sourced is your concrete? What are your responsible sourcing ambitions? This Toolbox enables you to analyse the environmental and social performance of your concrete and determine your ambition. Use the Quickscan for a quick impression, the AmbitionTool to determine your ambition, the Pre-assessmentTool to prepare you for a qualification and a certificate that you can get with the AssessmentTool.

  Quickscanrough estimate ambition Pre-assessmentself-assessment Assessmentvalidated by assessor
Description: Make an estimation of your Concrete's Performance on Responsible Sourcing, for free and easily with the Quickscan Tool. Calculate the responsible sourcing performance and ambition of your concrete by yourself accurately. Prepare the certification and submit this assessment to be validated by a CSC Assessor.
Required knowledge: None CSC Expert CSC Expert/Assessor
Detail level: Credits Criteria requirements Evidence
Reporting type: None PDF report Final report and CSC certificate
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